October 5, 2020 – POSTED IN: Uncategorized

The fast lane is dead I’m sorry to say. I am back in New York from Palm Beach and who would ever believe New York has come to a full stop… All I can see is fashion furloughs and layoffs. All the luxury fashion houses in Paris are cutting back. It is just dreadful. At the start of all this, Louis Vuitton, was asking the government for financial aid for its employees… consequently they are back tracking now..  As soon as Chanel made the very public announcement that they are taking care of their employees, and are baring the cost of employee salaries themselves, rather than tapping into the public’s purse… Louis Vuitton is caught with their pants down after massive furloughs… Leave it to Chanel who has always been a class act.

I can see Vogue is cutting back 20% of their employees and 50% for the chief executives

In my apartment today I am watching the Beattles, A Hard Days night which an understatement of whats happening today, a movie about Paul McCartney in the 60’s.. and it just occurred to me. It is making me recall the shopping days of Linda McCartney. She was really quite the groupie, and she was not so innocent let me tell you. When she married Paul, she would come and buy his shirts from me back when I was selling mens. I met him once, when he came in with her. Let me tell you he didn’t stand a chance..

She and I became good friends and my how things have sure changed – It is a shame Linda is not here anymore.